Saturday, 4 May 2013

Calderdale Pride announcement

Calderdale Pride committee is sorry to announce that due to the lack of volunteers we are unable to have a Calderdale Pride 2013. We regret that this is the case and have been working towards alternatives of a smaller scale. This has not been something that can be arranged so we have to agree that there will be no Pride in 2013. Thank you for the ongoing support and we are very sorry to disappoint people. Best wishes, Chair.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Thank you to new volunteers

Hello there, I just wanted to thank the new volunteers for Calderdale Pride. It's not been a storming response but a positive one by the fact we have new volunteers. Please, please keep up the ongoing support and continue to keep in touch and to help your Pride keep going. We also still need more volunteers to help create a bigger and better Pride in the future. Please email for details. You don't have to give your life up just some time and skills. Please email for more information. Thank you

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Calderdale Pride still needs support and people to help

Hello everybody, Just to give you an update we are looking to identify what we can do to provide some kind of Pride event to the people of Calderdale; but a Pride event with a difference.

This is your Pride people of Calderdale and although I do keep saying it your Pride Committee is a small group and we do need your help. If you can spare some time or are available to help out at events for fundraising on a weekend then please let me know.

At the moment we may struggle to provide the full Pride event you are used to at the Piece Hall. Don't let Calderdale Pride disappear like so many other LGBT groups in the Calderdale area.

I do hope you will contact with offers of support or information or to volunteer. I will be ensuring I can lot onto this email address regularly and answer people in a timely fashion.